Tops for women summer look

How to get the best summer look?

In Matilda by true love you will find tops for women summer look, every season you have the newest and coolest trends in your wardrobe. Fashion, helps to express yourself combining art, emotions and personality. When you buy a blouse or jeans each one of us can give a personal style with accessories.

The most beautiful thing about fashion is that changes every season and surprises us with design, styles, textures and colors. After seeing the runways of the season, we can assume what we will see in the “street style” during the summer of 2017. Shirt dresses are one of the most loved for this season, they will be worn in all possible ways, we will use them in white color. Dress shirts will be more important than ever and will be worn in every viable way. Our favorite for spring:  white dress-shirt form, in monochromatic outfits like the one of Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. In general, white color will be the most used color this season.


The “earth” colors will be requested after this season from beige, khaki, camel to military colors like Madonna´s outfit in the Met Gala. These natural colors are a wise choice this season. Remember that the colors of the earth and the nature also help to achieve a boho chic. The robes are something new on the runways. They are a combination between pajamas and long kimonos, will have exotic prints and textures like silk that will highlight femininity. The raincoats are a classic that come back every year, changing some details. This year you look for it longer and with light colors so you can achieve a summer look.

Pink and blue will be present all season. You must have at least one of these tops for women summer look. Blouses without shoulders will be the essential part of your wardrobe. Another color that will be favorite this summer is yellow. Sometimes it is difficult to use this color, it favors the skin tone and it is very showy. The bralettes, will take a key role. If we loved them before, this season will be above of tops for women summer look, shirts and dresses. Lingerie will be the protagonist this season. Overalls with bralettes will also look really nice.

Yes, and how you’ve been watching it all year long. The 80’s are coming back. We will see bulky sleeves and shoulders. Like Chiara Ferragni´s style in her wonderful marriage proposal with Fedez. If you have not seen it, we recommend that you go to YouTube and revive your belief in fairy tales. The flowers are present in all garments of this season, the romantic air arrives to stay in the summer. The wallpaper prints in blazers, tees and pants will be basic.

We’ll see fringes like cowboy style and they will help to complement our boho chic style with a fringed bag or a blouse with earth colors and get ready to go to the next music festival. The leggings are another item that will return, but with floral prints, and we will find them in different textures, colors to complement our looks with white blouses. The transparencies, will be present in long casual dresses or night dresses. Black dresses with lace and transparent will be the most wanted this season. Like every year, the sailor style is present. But, the difference this year is that they will be in colors stripes, not only blue and white as we are accustomed.

This season will be thousands of textures that we can combine. Spring came with one word “comfort”. With a pair of jeans, shorts, overall, rompers, vintage tee, some sandals or sneakers and we have our look ready to go anywhere. You do not have to make big investments of money, we share some examples of outfits that you already have in your closet and only you need some accessories or one garment to complete it. The must-have this season are:  light-colored or dark-colored denim dresses, an overall (those we had when we were 10 years old), and of course an overall with a bralette, a cotton tee or crop top and we have a perfect look for the weekend.

Dresses made of cotton, light colors, yellow, melon, salmon will be present during the summer, complete with sandals or sneakers and a fringed bag. The star of this season is the off-shoulder blouses, dresses or rompers, while you show your shoulders, you’ll be trendy. Other tip is to use anything white that you already have in your closet, this color will work this season, blouses with embroidery, flowers, prints will be excellent for this summer.

Remember that with Matilda by true love, you can find tops for women summer look and be fashionable because we know the newest trends. Our company started with an all basics line called true love, which is in many boutiques all across Latin America and the United States. Soon after, Matilda Collection was launched and became the go-to destination for chic and contemporary fashion. Before, you could only find our products in other boutiques, but due to the success of our line we decided to sell it in wholesale and retail, so you can find our products in our store Towne Ave. Suite 106, Los Angeles CA. 90021 or in our online store We will be very pleased to welcome you.