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Welcome back to the Matilda´s blog, a company dedicated to the sale of garments in retail and wholesale with a presence in the United States and Latin America. We are a company recognized throughout the continent for the quality and innovation in our products. For this reason, we work daily to design, manufacture and bring to your store or wardrobe the best clothes with new trends so you always have something new to wear.

The year has ended, and with it have also ended the excitement of some of the trends we lived in love during the past year, but after using them for so many months and see some garments with all the possible prints, colors and embroidery, it is time to transform and change for new garments that invite us to try new cuts, textures and evolve along with the year. The new trends come with great innovations, risky colors, a retro touch and combinations never seen before, and from this January we will be able to start bringing the latest and best trends.

The cold is not synonymous of layering without meaning, we can try new trends and transform them, here we share some fashion jackets women apparel that will be the most desired of the moment and how to combine them with the new trends and basic pieces that you surely have in your closet. For this cold season, one of the basics in our closet in fashion jackets women apparel should be a furry jacket. They are the best garments because they prevent us from going cold and they are also the trends of the moment. You can choose from classic colors such as black or gray or more striking colors like candy pink that has undoubtedly been the favorite of many influencers this winter.

One way to combine one of these furry coats is with jeans and stilettos or tennis to give a more casual touch. In addition, these garments are also ideal to go to work so they can be with any working girl outfit without major problem. As we have mentioned in some posts, the squares are the basics of this season. A coat with British squares cannot miss in your wardrobe and if you have stuffed in the neck or sleeves it will make it the most desired garment for all. You can use these coats or blazers on casual occasions, to go out at night, go to work, happy hour, among others; possibly they are ideal for any occasion the only thing that we must change are the accessories and shoes to give a turn to the outfit and accommodate it according to what we do that day.

Another style is to wear a coat with a belt at the waist and if we use a fanny pack it will be even better! In addition, we can complement the outfit with boots and a midi skirt to go to work or just to spend the day with style and less cold.

The fashion jackets women apparel in this season are synonymous of oversize. Oversize garments can give us balance in any look. If we use tight garments underneath and we combine them with a jacket or oversize coat, a hat and a fanny pack will be the perfect outfit. You can also complement it with jeans, stilettos and a wool hat.

Also, remember that this winter is painted by retro details so to have an amazing look just ask mom about the trends and colors of the 70’s or 80’s. During this winter there will be plenty of corduroy pants that will wrap us with candy colors evoking past years. In addition, the accessories that cannot be missing in earrings and necklaces are the eighties that are identified as being large and the trend will be to wear only one earring. The fanny pack is another touch of these years, but this accessory (before it was sporty and informal and even synonymous of anti-fashion) has now become synonymous with sophistication so it will be the challenge to include it in casual outfits or working girl.

One of the most desired outfits of this season is denim over denim. So the fashion jackets women apparel of the season is denim. In Matilda, you can find denim jackets to complement your look with jeans or a skirt. However, what you certainly cannot miss in your closet is denim.

We invite you to follow our social networks so you always know what the latest trends and our new products are, also you can know our suggested outfits so you can stay one step ahead and start using the new trends before everyone has them in their closet, with us, you can be a pioneer in your store and your outfits.

With us you will find the best trends because we have people in the main fashion cities in the world analyzing trends of it-girls, street style, and looking for what´s new. Also, they help us to design and bring to you only the best fashion jackets w7omen apparel, to make you look beautiful and unique every season.

If you are looking for fashion jackets women apparel, Matilda by True Love is the place to go. We invite you to visit our store located in the Fashion District at 800 12th St. Suite 116 Los Angeles, CA and we will gladly help you and resolve any doubts that may arise.

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