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Welcome to our blog on Matilda by True Love. Every time we go to buy clothes, we find thousands of blouses of different cuts, textures and designs; and sometimes we are caught up in the impulse to see that wonderful tops for women summer look; even without knowing if that cut and style is the one that will make us look good because of our body type.

One of the most common necklines is the strapless; as we all know, this neckline is usually straight and exposes the shoulders, arms and neck. This type of cleavage is very appropriate for women who have little bust with thin arms and long; this cut gives a lot of freedom of movement. We want to emphasize that this type of neckline also fits very well to those with prominent bust; however, the secret is to find a bra that will support them so that they do not spend the uncomfortable moment try to fix the blouse every 5 minutes.

The heart neckline is very similar to the strapless but the difference is that this one has a heart shape in the bust. This cut is ideal if you have few bust or a wide back; this type of neckline is able to lengthen the neck. It is recommended for women who have a square face type. The blouses that have spaghetti straps are the ones that have very thin straps. In this type doesn´t matter the shape of the neckline but the straps. This cut helps people with broad shoulders or large breasts to feel secure.

 V-neck. This type of neckline lengthens and stylizes the figure. It helps people who have short or very wide neck and creates a visual effect of fine-tuning the figure. The round neckline is discreet and comfortable, this type of cleavage brings volume to the figure so it is recommended for people who are very thin. The U-neck is very similar to the round, only it is more pronounced and is ideal for people who have small bust or shoulders that are narrow.

A square neckline is ideal for attracting eyes to the bust and diverting them from other parts of the body. This type of cleavage causes the shoulders to be marked; it is highly recommended for pear-shaped body types to give balance and give more volume to the upper body.

The bardot or off shoulder neckline has been one of the tops for women summer look preferred by women during the year. This neckline is glamorous, stylizes the figure and enhances the bust. It is a sensual and suggestive style that has stolen our hearts throughout the season for its versatility in blouses and dresses. The asymmetrical neckline usually leaves a shoulder uncovered. This type of cleavage is daring and sexy. It is able to lengthen the neck and just as the off shoulder is sensual and elegant.

The halter neckline, this type of neckline is elegant and distinguished. It buckles just behind the neck and leaves the shoulders and arms exposed. It is very comfortable for people who have very large bust because it provides security, or also for people who have narrow shoulders and back because it provides more volume. If you have inverted triangle body type, we recommend avoiding this type of neckline because it highlights the shoulders and attracts the eyes to that part of the body.

Queen Anne’s neckline is a romantic and formal style. It covers the shoulders and the back; and only leaves the chest exposed in a V or heart form; usually it is made with lace to give it a more romantic touch. This type of cleavage fits to the great majority of people and is very sexy. If you have an hour-glass body type place a belt and you will highlight your waistline creating a nice silhouette.

The box-type neckline is usually up to the collarbone and always respects the shoulder line. It is very used and recommended for women who have little breasts, narrow shoulders, long and thin neck. This type of neckline is used a lot for the vintage style, the time of the Charleston of the 20’s. Those are their emblematic dresses. The turtleneck is usually used during winter. However, it can be worn with sleeveless blouses. This type is similar to halter but with a turtle neck. Like the halter, this type of blouse drives the attention to the shoulders.

Neckline cowl, it is a neckline that falls on the chest and it enhances it; this type of neckline. If you have little breasts it helps you to highlight it. On the other hand, if you have big breasts it also disguise the looks from you cleavage and it also gives a chic air. This neckline is highly recommended for office outfits. Imagine a pale pink suit with a white blouse with a cowl neckline and a pair of stilettos. It is one of the tops for women summer look that brings elegance, style and professionalism.

The cold shoulder has several types of necklines. Undoubtedly, they are recommended for the vast majority since you can find them with necklines, box type, round or square. It is a very flattering and comfortable blouse, because having the shoulders allows you to wear a regular bra with which you feel safe and for the next season where we will have this type of blouses but in wool sweaters, that gives it a whole new meaning.

We hope that from now on it will be easier to choose blouses and dresses online and in the mall. When we know what it is that we want to highlight of our body as bust, shoulders, neck or arms we can choose which blouses and dresses to buy. A neckline that favors you can change the way you feel about yourself wearing a blouse or a dress.

In Matilda by True Love, you will find a large number of tops for women summer look with which you will feel free and comfortable. You will be ready to face the challenges that come up day by day. In Matilda by True Love, we know that every woman is unique and special and that is why our commitment is to design garments that are up to your tastes and needs throughout the day.

We want you to use one of our clothes, feel the security of success, we want to empower women and make them look as powerful, safe and successful as they are inside. We invite you to browse our page, where you will find the new trends of the next season, with the best quality and price. If you want more information or our news, look for us in social networks like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram where daily we are updating our clothes, with suggested outfits and above all with a lot of fashion and style. At Matilda by True Love, we will be happy to help you find your dream garment.

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