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In fashion, each season becomes a Voyage of colors, textures and cuts. It could be said that each season we have the opportunity to reborn, to transform ourselves into the new that we want to be. It is our time to evolve our style and our personality. The best thing about fashion is that always changes and we can evolve along with it. The purpose is to create new outfits that are risky, elegant and comfortable.

The autumn and winter seasons are coming and we will use colors that give us warmth.


We can create new experiences with these colors to enjoy the new season to the fullest, creating the best combinations and being able to shelter us in style all season. How would you combine this trend colors? You can achieve any outfit with these colors that is a success for this fall-winter season.

Fashion is a way to express yourself, it is an art. Choose clothes stopped being as simple as that. Now, dressing is creating. Fashion is art because with our clothes we can express our dreams, goals, ideals, philosophy. Fashion becomes the beauty of our dreams. And although we do not believe it, on many occasions, fashion and our way of dressing becomes a great ally for the future that we want for us.

Fashion influences meeting our goals because we want it or not; people automatically judge us by the way we dress. Think of the people you live with at work or at school. What did you think of them when you met them? Did their style influenced on your first impression of them? Have they changed the way they dress lately?

The first impression is not forgotten. Sometimes we can´t change that first impression that people had about us. But there are times that first impression is everything. So, before leaving home, we must ask ourselves what we will do in the day and then we will know how to dress and what colors should we use to achieve our goals. It is very different if we go to a job interview or hang out with friends. And depending on the main activity that we have that day and what we want to achieve is the way we have to dress. Like Coco Chanel´s quote: “dress like you are meeting your worst enemy today”.  So, you will be always prepared for anything. For this season, visit Matilda by True Love, best jackets supplier online, so you can find the best for this season.

The colors we use influence our mood and also, the mood of the people that are around us. For example, blue gives peace and confidence. With that color people perceive us as someone reliable and honest. Gold represents fame, success, luxury and vanity. That´s why many artists decide to go for this color when they perform their concerts. A gold colored dress can impress at a party or cocktail party; also, for work, you can wear gold suit with a white blouse and you’ll look amazing.

The purple, is a color that represents reflection. It is related to the emotional, spiritual and mystical. Therefore, in the past only the priests or members of the royalty could use it. The light pink  awakens feelings of love and protection. Normally, people can´t think in bad adjectives or emotions with this color.

Gray has made shades, so depending on the tone that you use are the feeling that awakens in other people. For example, light gray (depending on texture) may be associated with old age or mediocrity. On the other hand, dark gray may be someone without feelings, or sometimes associated with elegance and success. Black is a color that never goes out of style. Black is always present in the winter seasons and the positive emotions it arouses in people are elegance, power and sophistication. However, the negative aspect of this color is that it is sometimes associated with death and fear.

So you already know what colors to use and what they mean in this season. In order to fulfill your biggest dreams, you should select the color that fit best with your activities. At Matilda by True Love we are concerned about selling the latest trends with the best quality, using the textures and colors that you desire. Among the products we sell, we are recognized for being the best jackets supplier online with the latest trends in colors and textures. So you will find jackets that go with your favorite outfits.

Matilda by true love brings the latest trends with the best quality. We bring all kinds of clothes to our store located in the fashion district of Los Angeles. In addition, you can find all our products online so from the comfort of your home you can make your order to our store. If you are looking for the best jackets supplier online you are in the correct place. Get ready for autumn and winter and show off the best jacket this season.

Matilda by True Love creation began with a dream and the desire to make every woman reflect her inner beauty, expressing their unique style and personality to the world with the assurance that they look trendy and beautiful. The future is for the ones that believe in themselves and their ideals, so reach your dreams looking fabulous.

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