Where to Find Wholesale Fashion Dresses in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is well-known for it’s fashion district. This city is also home of many wholesaler vendors from designer, contemporary and fast-fashion brands. Among all those companies, it’s ours. You may wonder what is that makes out stand out of the rest. Nowadays, when people asks where to find wholesale fashion dresses in Los Angeles, the answer is Matilda By True Love.

We’re a growing company that started in 2011. Matilda By Love designs and creates fashion with a unique style. We want to make every woman reflect their inner beauty. And we believe that each of our customers is unique and special. One of our goals at Matilda By True Love is to empower women’s identity through fashion.

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The Finest Wholesale Fashion Dresses in LA

Matilda By True Love has its headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles, at 800 12th St. suite 116 Los Angeles CA 90021. From there, we sell online anywhere around the USA through our online platform. The fact that we are located in the heart of one of the most important cities in the world related to fashion allows us to stay competitive and provide the finest wholesale fashion dresses in Los Angeles.

Our dresses design go from casual to elegant. We feature our dresses according to each season in our online store. For both domestic and international sales, we use UPS Priority Mail to ship our packages. Matilda By True Love website is fast and you can browse it from either a desktop computer or a smartphone. The buying process is very easy and swift, and you can have your dresses shipped at home in around 5 -7 Business days, 2-3 Business days or even Next day shipping.

A New, Fresh Brand in Women’s Clothing

Since we started Matilda By True Love, our dreams have become true so fast that we barely believe it! More and more women in Los Angeles and the rest of the United States choose us for our designs and the idea behind them. We want every woman, no matter their age, ethnia or type of body, to feel and look beautiful. We believe all of us can show the world the best version of ourselves.

Contact Matilda By True Love

If you have any questions or need additional information about how to buy our wholesale fashion dresses in Los Angeles, please call us at (213) 748-1086 and (213) 440-4076. You can also send us an email to sales@matildabytruelove.com . Be peace minded that we always respond phone calls and messages. We’re glad to answer any concerns you may have.

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