Where to shop clothes for sale online in Los Angeles?

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There are still people who have doubts when buying products online. Some people think that they may suffer a fraud; that their order or merchandise will not arrive or that there will be a garment that has nothing to do with the beautiful garment that is seen on the website.

Dealing with the fear of being misled into various pages is a risk many people take when buying something online. But, there are some tips to have a pleasant experience when buying clothes for sale online in Los AngelesWhether you are an expert or not of shopping online these simple tips will help you have better experiences day by day. The first step is to check the store URL. When you enter the page starts with http: // means that this is not a secure site and that your information can be seen by the store or by hackers. Safe pages should start like this: https://matildabytruelove.com/

Our page is secure because it starts with https: // the “s” means it is secure and your information is safe. This point is very important when making the payment, because if at the time of writing your credit card data does not appear the “s” means that anyone can be viewing your data because it is not safe. This is dangerous because some people may use your bank details to make purchases online without you having knowledge of it.

When you enter the site of a page and start browsing, you should review several details. Sometimes, these details go unnoticed by the excitement of finding that garment that we loved. But, before beginning to see the products that the store has, we recommend that you verify that it has an address.

If you find the address, look up in the internet if it is real. You can check it on google maps. Sometimes, some stores place addresses that have nothing to do and when looking for them online, you discover that it is not a place that is congruent with the location of a store. Remember, google maps is being updated, so if the store is new, it probably will not appear on the maps yet.

If the store does not have a physical address, you can check the mail and the contact phone. There are stores that do not have a physical address, since they operate as Just in Time warehouses, do not receive customers in those warehouses and for this reason do not place their physical address. If this is the case of the store where you are looking, verify that the phone is real. You can dial and see if someone answers; the objective is to verify that the number is real and that there is someone in the store that can answer you in case of any inconvenience with your order. Also, we recommend that you write in the mail to verify that there is someone who responds, and live the experience of customer service. It is very important to know that the store has real media with its customers.

Check the payment methods that the store has. It is much safer to buy in a store that accepts paypal because this means that your data is secure on the Paypal platform.

When you sign up for paypal, you share your bank details with them; the stores work with them but do not know or have in their database the bank details of their customers, this makes it more secure since you will be sure not to share any sensitive data with any store that you do not know yet. If you do not like Paypal (you don’t want to pay the commission). We recommend that the first purchase you make, do it with paypal to verify that it is a safe and reliable store. You can appreciate the whole process of purchase, check out and delivery of the product, if you are satisfied and do not want to pay the commission, we recommend that from the second purchase you pay with your credit card.

In Matilda, we accept paypa, amazon pay and credit card. Amazon pay is another online payment platform, Amazon pay allows customers to make their purchases using their Amazon account; this is good because (as paypal) they do not share their bank details with the store in which they are going to buy, besides that it is a simpler way because in Amazon they are already registered and can use the balance of their account or pay with the credit card you have registered. Paypal is safe because it has a claim service where you can request your money back if you did not receive your product. On the other hand, Amazon pay has warranty conditions that cover from A to Z, do not share your payment method and have a protection plan for the buyer. These are the reasons why they charge a commission; because they give you the assurance that you will receive your product and in case you do not they will refund your money.

Each store has different terms and conditions, we recommend that before buying any product you take some time to review them and see if you agree with them. The terms and conditions of Matilda can be found in the following link: https://matildabytruelove.com/terms-and-conditions/.

In Matilda we have different methods of payment because we have clothes for sale online in Los Angeles and we want to have a different option for each person, and that you have the security that your data is protected and safe with us. Another very important aspect is to know the conditions of return or change. There are stores that do not allow returns or have certain rules. For this reason, before purchasing it is necessary to review these conditions to avoid bad surprises in the future.

In this regard, it is also important is to keep the receipt or mail of the transaction in order to have proof of purchase and to request the return or exchange. In the case of Matilda, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we can help you. For returns, you have some days to return an item, we suggest dialing to our phone number for more information about the period of time. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it and in the original packaging. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately, we cannot accept any item for return that is not in original, new condition or damaged due to:

  • Soiling or staining (food, lipstick, makeup, bleach, marker / pen, sweat, dirt, etc.)
  • Wear and tear (worn, ripping, tearing, snagging)
  • Scent (perfume, body odor, mildew)

In case of a refund. When we receive the item we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your item. We will immediately notify you of the status of your refund after inspecting the item. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card, paypal or amazon pay accounts (the return must be in the same payment method that you used). You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your issuer’s policies card. At the time of purchase, it also reviews the methods of shipping, how long it takes to get there and how much it costs.

Also, you must verify the store ratings or comments on social networks. In eBay stores always have ratings, google businesses have stars and recommendations. If the store does not contain valuations of this type, it is always advisable to check their social networks to see if it is updated, what they publish and especially the ratings that have given customers to the store on networks like Facebook, and also check the number of followers. You can send a message to verify that your social networks work as a means of communication with them.

Matilda by true love is a store that sells their garments in retail and wholesale, we have more than 12,500 followers on Facebook, which demonstrates our seriousness and excellent customer service. In Facebook you can find our news. In addition, we are also present on Instagram. In any of the two social networks we will be happy to attend you. We have presence in United States and Latin America. If you are looking for clothes for sale online in Los Angeles, you can find great variety of trendy clothes (tops, pants, bomber, skirts, dresses, shorts, blazer sets, among others) in different colors, textures and sizes from which you can only choose in Matilda by True Love.

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