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Welcome to Matilda´s blog, wholesale clothing distributors china, in this post we want to share with you some tips of marketing in social networks. Nowadays, if you are not present on social networks you will be invisible to thousands of users.

In order to have a successful business, we must constantly carry out several activities and be able to succeed in the virtual world. The first thing we have to have is a sales policy that is clear, friendly, flexible and personalized. The sales policy that your store manages can be a great differentiator since sometimes when selling similar products that can be found in another bigger store at a lower price the differentiation of your store can be qualitative; thus, people can choose your product because of the flexibility of the sales policy or because you are interested in each one, taking personalized attention.


Now, people do not want to be treated as another customer; each person wants individualized attention. Matilda is a wholesale clothing distributors china that has the mission to design and bring unique garments as we know that each customer is unique, has its own goals and dreams so our garments tries to reflect that. With our clothes we want every woman to feel empowered to go out and fulfill her dreams.

Maintaining constant, available and open communication is necessary for customers to feel belonging to the store; to achieve this, companies can use social networks to offer help to customers and provide immediate answers (which is the most valued aspect in customer service).

Social networks are tools with many benefits because it is an economical way to do marketing, reach more markets and increase sales. It seems that managing social networks is a very simple task, but it is not only about creating post, in social networks you should also have a strategy, analysis and objectives.

One of the goals of social networks is to connect with potential customers, monitoring the keywords of your company. Some of the most used social networks are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter; each of the social networks has specific users. For example, also snapchat has a large number of followers, so depending on the type of clothes you sell (at what age range it is addressed) is whether this network would be useful or not for your business.

By having social networks, the first thing that should be done daily is to enter social networks, this to see what is new, and create a strategy to meet your goals. It is useless that you have all the social networks if you do not give them a correct follow-up. In case you do not have time, we recommend you choose one that is the main one and focus on that network so that you have constant and quality communication with your potential clients.

In social networks it is very important to answer the questions of your followers or potential customers; whether it’s a direct message or a tag from your store in a comment to a friend, everyone should have a comment of your store promoting the sale or contributing something to the conversation. Occasionally, interactions can be complaints or criticism of the brand. In the case that it is a complaint we also recommend you to answer so that the clients see that you are committed and focused on helping in case they have had a bad experience.

The interactions are relevant because it means that the client took a step further and has begun to interact and take it to a more personal level. There are occasions when thousands of posts have been published but an engagement by potential consumers is not achieved. In this case, you can share something that inspires starting a conversation, exchanging ideas or even make people to vote about something. To achieve this, you can start by asking a question about the day, sharing articles or news relevant to your turn or general culture, sharing motivational phrases to start the day, or you can even start a vote on upcoming products and thus know what the opinion of your customers is.

Remember that in each comment you must place a call to action; this means, what you want them to do: to call you, to buy, to leave an email, to go to an event, etc. Having an action call makes your profile friendlier. One of the objectives of having social networks are to have more followers so this is an arduous task since among more followers we have our brand will have greater impact. You can start by following people who have to do with your industry or influencers. This way, you will be making yourself known and having a higher rank every day.

Social networks are a great platform for wholesale clothing distributors china companies or virtual stores that want to have more consumers and more sales, so it must be taken seriously. You have to establish metrics to see if you are achieving your goals such as number of followers, number of visits, and number of people who clicked on the call to action, which ads had a greater impact, among others. All this will allow you to have a better impact on your clients because you will know what they like to see and what makes them interesting.

In Matilda, wholesale clothing distributors china, we work daily to bring to your store the best designs, with the best quality at the best price so your store can grow and be recognized for its innovation and design. With Matilda, you will have original, eye-catching garments that will make your clients feel satisfied with their purchases and waiting for the new designs we have. Contact us and together we will grow your income.


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