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How to have a successful sale?

Welcome to Matilda true love site, where you can find an ally specialized in wholesale clothing distributors china. The merchandise we have is of the latest trends, innovative and is aimed for confident trendy women, so they look extraordinary while fulfilling all their dreams. All fashion entrepreneurs have the challenge of generating more and better sales. But how can we do it? We, as a wholesale clothing distributors china, know these problems. Every day is filled with sales opportunities. That is why today’s post is aimed precisely at closing a successful sale.

The first task is to look around you. What things did you buy at home or in your business? How many of them did you buy because you really needed them? How many of them was for the effectiveness of the seller? When we buy things, in many cases the salesman is very influential, we may not be so convinced, we have doubts about the product and the salesman can make the difference between I liked it, but I’ll keep looking or I just bought it. Sales is an arduous and daily work. There is no salesperson who has achieved 100% of his sales, but his success will depend a lot on the knowledge, trust and love that he has of the product, because if the seller is not happy and convinced that the product can change or improve your life, he will not close sales. The seller must get you that joy or need to own that product.


It is very important when you hire vendors for your store, before developing sales strategies, you must train them on your product and how to overcome customer objections. An excellent way to overcome objections is with a manual. Ask your sellers and yourself the objections you have faced. For example, it’s very expensive, I’m just looking, I’m not sure I want to buy that dress. Also, consider the objections that they or you have made when you didn’t purchase and collectively find answers to overcome those objections.  There are several ways to overcome objections, one is the manual and another is a process that has several stages that are:

  • Sometimes sellers forget to listen and just start with their sales pitch about all the products and services. The first thing we need to know: what does the client need? What are you looking for and what for? Be silent, listen and make eye contact, so the customer feels that you are listening and you worry about their problem and not just for your commission.
  • When they ask a question or an objection, continue the discussion. If it says: no, it’s very expensive. Just ask: why do you think the price is too high? Remember that the tone should always be friendly, inviting the client to tell some previous experience or reasoning. If it is said in serious tone, the client could take it as an offense. If we kindly ask, we invite them to tell us their original problem so we can offer another solution.
  • When the customer is already interested, it´s the moment when you can explain the benefits of your product, why it is different, why they need it and why they should pay that price for it, show them why your product is worth it. When you finished, always ask if they have more doubts to solve them and give them a better service.
  • If the client has told you an objection and not a doubt. When you finish solving it, change the subject: …By the way, did you know that… offering another advantage or service of the company or some subject that you have noticed that is of interest for the client.

When the seller finished overcoming all the objections, the next point is the sale closure. There are several types:

  • Accumulate affirmations. In this type, we as marketers must ask obvious questions where saying “no” would be illogical. In this way, the client is self-convincing. For example: Are you sure you want to look good in the wedding, right?
  • The Hard Closing. This type is highly recommended in our business, either you are Wholesale clothing distributors china or a small boutique in the mall. If a customer arrives and says to you: Do you have this dress in blue? The seller must answer: Yes, here it is. Thank you for your purchase, can I offer you something else?
  • The closure of two alternatives. The customer is looking for a tee, if you see the client is not convinced about it, you can offer another tee that is more expensive than the first one. The client will think that you want to sell the most expensive product. So, they normally choose the first option.

Sellers must be able to self-motivate themselves day by day to overcome adversity, be resistant to frustration. If you don’t close a sale. The interaction with customers should leave you a reference, an experience or learning for your future sales. Our people in Matilda by true love, knows that being a seller is not easy, as wholesale clothing distributors china we have thousands of stories that we can share with you. With us, you can always expect the hottest, newest trends, inspired from all over the world to create outfits that will inspire a confident, trendy woman!