Wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles

How to choose a clothing distributor?

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Welcome to the official site of Matilda by true love, where you will find the most wanted products in the market at the best prices and with the best search interface. Matilda by true love is characterized by maintaining the latest trends in the market, with great quality, great prices and above all to inspire confident, trendy woman! This occasion we want to share with you the main points to choose the best wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles. It is well known that the textile market is quite broad and diverse, since nowadays dressing is a primary necessity in almost any society; fashion became a very profitable business. If you are evaluating to open a business dedicated to fashion or you already have one, you need to take into account that the textile market had many transformations in the last decades, especially in relation to products, which change really constantly.

Matilda by true love is inspired by the fashion of the main cities of the world in order to make the best collections for you. So if you are looking for the newest, sophisticated and trendy clothes, you have found the ideal place. Our goal is to inspire confident, trendy women in Latin America and United States. There is no doubt that wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles who base their operations on accurate and up-to-date mechanisms can enjoy profitability over an extended period of time. In order to achieve this profitability, it is necessary to keep up with the constant changes in society, attending the demands of your clients and also to be aware about the updates in the textile field, among which the most relevant is fashion, like our team in Matilda by true love does.


Besides the knowledge you need in fashion, possibly the main key to making your business successful is finding wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles committed to you, with high quality and fair prices of the products they offer. We know the challenges that you face when competing with multinational companies. That’s why we are committed with you and we are dedicated to find innovative, high-quality clothing at the best prices so you can have a profitable business and at the same time you can enjoy your work, turning your passion into your business. What do I have to consider when choosing my wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles?

1. Price. It is a fundamental element for any business but not the only one, as it may have a low price but the quality is poor. The thing to look for is that the price corresponds to the quality of the products and service they offer us.

2. Reliability. You have to find a distributor who is efficient, fulfills what is promised, and meets your quality standards and delivery times. Also, verify the payment method.

3. Location. Keep in mind the time it will take to get the goods, ask for the shipping companies and delivery times.It is recommended to maintain long-term relationships with your clothing distributors to reduce administrative costs and to increase the efficiency of your business; it will also allow you to create a closer relationship which will lead to a better teamwork with your distributor to find out fulfill the necessities of your customers. Before buying in a regular store or an online store like Matilda by true love always keep in mind the following recommendations:

1. Check the quality of the clothes, you can make a small order to verify the quality of the clothes, delivery times and know the whole cycle of the online purchase process or visit the store directly to check the quality of their products. In case you are really far from where the online store is located, you can look for the address of the company and verify its existence.

2. Corroborate the proportion of guarantees; with this point we refer to what happens if the clothes arrive damaged or if for some reason the merchandise doesn’t arrive to your store.

3. Before you make a purchase, always compare the prices with competitors and always visit several points of sale so you are familiar with the market prices so you can find your best choice. Why choose a Matilda from True Love as my wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles? Matilda by true love is a sophisticated fashion brand for work, for the weekend or going out. With us you can find the clothes for any occasion. Every piece of Matilda by true love is a must-have in your store. The sales will show the high-level quality, as well as our commitment with you to bring the newest trends for your business.

The textile market is constantly changing, which is why it is important to have a reliable and professional clothing distributors, who are aware about the newest trends, offering competitive prices and excellent customer service.  We have an online site where you can select the merchandise in the shopping cart, calculate your shipping and receive your package at the front door of your store. If you have doubts or want a personalized attention you can always call us at our store phone number (213) 327-0120 or send us a message in whatsapp (213) 440-4076, we will be really happy to answer all your doubts or comments. On the other hand,  if you are in Los Angeles, we will be pleased  to welcome you in our store located in the heart of fashion industry in 942 Towne Avenune # 106, Los Angeles CA 90021. We are sure that you will find in Matilda by true love the best wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles and partner to grow your business.