Wholesale clothing suppliers in LA

Welcome to Matilda by true love´s site. It is a pleasure to receive your visit one more time. Our company is recognized to be wholesale clothing suppliers in LA made up of people who are passionate about fashion and want all women in the United States and Latin America have access to quality clothes and manage to feel confident and trendy.  In our page, you will find the most wanted products in the market at the best prices. We care to bring the best to your store. As wholesale clothing suppliers in LA we care to have a lot of products. Among our products are coats, blouses, bomber jackets, blazers, coats, crop tops, skirts, leggings, pants, sweatshirts, sweaters and dresses.

We are a store committed to our customers to create successful relationships. We focus on creating strong associations in buying new clothes and with the service that we provide to our clients to ensure that our customers are happy and can sell with great prices the best clothes. Our purpose is to sell new garments of high quality so you can be able to have high revenues, increase your sales and have significant clothing rotation in your store.  As fashion professionals, we are aware that the rotation of garments is essential for your business.

It is very important that you always have new clothes to offer to your customers that are from de newest trends, have a good price and excellent quality.  If you have these three characteristics you will create a good reputation among your customers and obviously you will be more competitive.  Currently, we are living in a time of fast fashion, with stores like Zara or Forever 21, where garments constantly change and prices are accessible, sometimes it is difficult to compete with these big stores. That’s why we are wholesale clothing suppliers in LA that focus on bringing you the best trends, quality garments at the best price to make your store stand out from the rest and be competitive.

Customers like to have new shopping options in stores. If the store does not have new models constantly people may think that nothing will come and ends up to be unappealing because they think there is nothing new.The problem is that if the garments are not sold fast we will end up with a useless inventory and a great money loss. It is very common that when buying clothes they are not sold as we had imagined. If this happens, do not worry, not everything is lost! On this post, we want to share with you some tips to make the rotation of your products more efficient.

Before buying, we have to analyze if the season will change shortly, if a peak of sales comes soon like Mother’s Day, Christmas or Black Friday or it is low season. In addition, we recommend changing mannequins every week or maximum every other week because if you have new clothes on display automatically gives the impression that there are new features. It is important to highlight that we always will have low, medium and high rotation garments. Usually low rotation garments are the most expensive.

We recommend, to put them on the mannequins constantly so people can see how it looks, you can include accessories to create the whole set. In addition, analyze your store, normally when people go to a store, they start from the right side; that’s why we recommend to make sort of a road starting from the right side and finishing on the left side. This way, people are more likely to see all your products. In the center of the store you can place tables or accessories, so any product of your store will be left behind.  High-turnover garments are usually the most economical or basic garments, which are the things that can never be missing in our wardrobe, such as a white blouse or jeans.

These garments are very important to our store because they allow you to offer new clothes constantly. So when you have new arrivals place some of them in the mannequins, and put the same products in the back of the store or at the left side of the store. That way you make sure that people go through your entire store and see the other products.The key to garment rotation is knowing where to place them in the store to make them more visible to customers. If any item is not sold like you expected, you need to promote it and create an outfit where you highlight the garment or offer discounts.

It is preferable to make an offer than keeping a garment in your inventory because as time passes it will be more difficult to sell.  With Matilda by True Love you will be assured of high quality merchandise that will ensure high rotation and satisfied customers for the new items. We are wholesale clothing suppliers in LA and we are able to deliver in the United States and Latin America. For the convenience of our customers, you can register with your email in the wholesale section in our webpage. By registering, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

When you enter the wholesale section you will know the prices and news that we have to offer, making a pleasant shopping experience. If you require attention in your purchase contact us to our numbers, and we will be happy to help you. Remember that Matilda by True Love is the must-have sexy, sophisticated fashion brand for work, the weekend, or going out giving your business great variety of clothes to offer and you can have great income and satisfied customers.