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Welcome back to our blog. In the fashion industry it is necessary to make quick and accurate decisions so that our business grows successfully, and if you are or are looking for a wholesale distributors in Los Angeles you have probably had to make quick decisions and sometimes probably you were not sure if it was the right decision or not.

Matilda by True Love is a company dedicated to being wholesale distributors in Los Angeles and we have presence throughout the continent due to our high quality, price and innovation of each of our products. On this occasion we want to share with you some tips to make assertive business decisions using the well-known SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis is well known in the business world because it involves making an analysis of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. The advantages of this analysis is that it can serve at many levels of the organization; from the general operation of the business to very specific activities that can affect the entire organization, departments or just one product.

The strengths and weaknesses refer to internal resources of the organization; can be viewed from the age of employees. For example, if your employees have an average age of 50 years, the strengths are that it is a stable company, where your employees have great knowledge of their activities and you are able to retain employees. However, at the same time the weaknesses could be that the company is very conservative, that there is no growth plan for your employees, among others. With this example, we want to emphasize that the same factor can have strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

The benefits of making a list of strengths and weaknesses is that it allows you to analyze objectively on what can be improved, what can and needs to change. For an analysis to be complete, we must analyze our entire environment to create solutions that are profitable for the company.

Normally, opportunities and threats are external to the company. This means that it does not depend on you or your organization and are usually more difficult to work and overcome because they are out of your hands. Some examples of opportunities could be the creation of new technologies (because it allows us to simplify or increase the speed of our processes); new investments, factors that affect the growth of competitors, laws that favor us as well as political or economic issues, the opening of new markets, among others. As its name says (opportunities), are issues that are happening in the world that benefit us.

On the other hand, threats are situations that are happening in our environment that can endanger our organization, product or a particular idea. Some of the most common threats are: political regulations, economic problems, trade factors, entry of new competitors, innovations of the market created by competitors, natural disasters, resignation of key personnel due to external issues or their recruitment by a competitor, problems in the chain of supply, problems in deliveries, changes is social or demographic issues, among others.

The importance of making an analysis considering that action, investment, or entry of a new product can affect our organization. On many occasions, this analysis is carried out to deal with the threats and how we can improve internally so it does not affect the operation of the company so much. The internal and external analysis of the company must be a constant process so that the company is always up to date and can begin an action plan to carry out its objectives, know if the idea is realistic and how to work to achieve it.

Being wholesale distributors in Los Angeles is not easy but it represents a great and continuous challenge, where we must work continuously to meet the goals.

Matilda, began as a dream and was founded in 2011, with the objective of design and create fashion with a unique style that makes every woman reflects their inner beauty. We are committed with our customers; each of them is unique and special. That’s why we work really hard to create and bring the best trends of fashion, using materials of excellent quality and unique designs so that your store stands out from the rest.

Being designers, producers and distributors represents a great challenge that we face every day, but we continuously analyze what we can improve and the commitment with our products and clients has allowed us to achieve success.

Our main objective is to be professionals specialized in fashion and recognized as wholesale distributors in Los Angeles, creating long-term business relationships and to engage our customers with its excellent service, innovations and large inventory so each of their clients can enjoy our new products constantly and find them easily in our client´s stores. Our principal commitment is to offer the best quality, price and service. Also, we are concerned about our customer’s clients, and we want to work together so they end up satisfied and happy in every purchase.

Keeping a business is difficult but not impossible task and with the support of our team, we are sure that you will succeed and achieve your goals. With Matilda by True Love you will find a partner concerned about the reputation and growth of your business. You can find our store in the heart of fashion in Los Angeles or on our website; if you have any questions or comments, please contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

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