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Welcome to Matilda’s blog, known for being a wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles. On this occasion we want to share with you some tips that are really interesting about how to succeed in the retail world. The main success factor for a wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles or at a retail store is the customer.

Customers are what make a store successful; for this reason we must know our client. This means that an analysis of the client must be carried out; this is achieved through segmentation. Sometimes, customer segmentation is taken as something very impersonal, only thinking about the age range and income; but this is not the only thing that we must analyze in our client.

It is true that the first thing we must do is to segment the client, that is, to segment it into age, gender and income, but after having this information what we should begin to realize is the client person. This is to humanize the client, identifying where he lives, what he is doing, what he likes to do, is understanding how our client thinks and the reasons for his actions. We can even give it a name and think about their family, job, house, income, hobbies, etc.

When we have our humanized client, we can even ask some questions that we as salespeople would like to know. This is a task that can take several days but it will be worth it; later we must answer those questions, even friends and relatives or people who are your clients can help you. The main questions are to know what their expectations, their concerns, and what reasons are those that motivate them to act, what people are those that influence them, what offers they like and what their environment is.

This exercise helps you to have a more real customer profile and this will help you to be more successful in your advertising, offers and of course in sales. When you already have the customer profile established and start to meet new potential customers it can be difficult to create a database with potential customers. In addition, we recommend that sellers have a file where you can add new things from your clients in informal talks such as what they like to do, who they live with or hobbies; these data can be useful for you to have an informal chat while buying and making the client feel welcome and that you are interested in them. In addition, if you are getting to know your client more, you will give him personalized attention and we recommend that you write it down because sometimes you can forget us.

Give personalized attention will help you take care of those who are already your customers; It is cheaper to keep a client than to get a new one since it implies higher advertising expenses. Caring for your customers guarantees the success of your store, so we must follow up on every purchase made by our customers, after sales service is more important than the sale as it ensures that the customer will return to your store. Try to always have time available to keep in touch with your customers, verify that everything is in order and have had a pleasant shopping experience.

The confidence of the customers is extremely important so you should always be clear with the offers; deliveries times and maintain the quality of your merchandise so that people continue to buy in your store. The contact with your customers must be permanent and to achieve this; you can use mail and social networks. However, take care how many emails you send to people because if you send many you may end up in the spam.

If you want to send emails, try to make the title flashy and short, and the message includes photographs of the item in question, so people can see the goods quickly; you can even add a discount coupon to give you some benefit of opening your mail.

Another very important aspect with email is that you can customize it and send your client only what they are interested in, using their previous purchase record, you can see the periodicity of their purchases, what items are the ones that interest them and normally buy and focus your efforts in these garments, add a coupon or some benefit in the mail so the client will be engaged and feel good because it was personalized attention and keep your brand in mind. We have already mentioned it before, but using social networks is vital to keep in touch with your customers; try to upload photographs where your products stand out and no more than two lines of text. In social networks, people want to see photographs, not read. So try to keep short phrases and incredible photos to get the attention of the customers.

Matilda by True Love is recognized for being a store that sells in retail and is a wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles; our mission is to bring the best trends, with the best quality at an affordable price so that you can dress in style. We are committed to creating fashion that empowers the women’s identity and this we achieved by reviewing the latest fashion trends in different countries. We firmly believe that the clothing you wear says a lot about your personality; that´s why our clothes highlight the uniqueness and specialness of each woman.

We want our clothes to inspire you to be the best of you, that every time you use them you feel happy and confident. Contact us and you will have the best wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles providing only the best for your store.

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