Wholesale fashion online in Texas

What to consider before opening an online store?

Welcome to Matilda’s by true love site. It is a pleasure to have you one more time with us. Our company is made up of people who are passionate about fashion and we want every woman in the United States and Latin America to have access to quality, innovative and affordable clothes, making women feel confident, comfortable and sexy at the same time. Matilda by true love is committed to give you the newest trends of the major cities in the world. One way to increase your sales and reduce your operating costs is to buy your merchandise at Matilda by true love, the best wholesale fashion online in Texas and United States.

In our store, we seek to have a long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, our after-sales service is excellent and we will always make sure that you have the best shopping experience with us. Besides being a wholesale fashion online in Texas, we also sell retail in our online store so if you like something from our site but you don´t own a store, don´t worry, you can have it and we will take it to your home. With us you are sure that the clothes you see on the page is the same that we will deliver to you, we put several photographs so you can see it from all angles and imagine how beautiful will fit on you. If you live in Los Angeles, and you want to visit our store we will gladly welcome you, the store is located in the heart of fashion industry in 942 Towne Avenue # 106, Los Angeles CA 90021.


If you are looking for a reliable store that also is a wholesale fashion online in Texas. We are your best choice. Within our website, you can easily find in the section of new arrivals what is new every week. You will have the opportunity to choose from thousands of clothes without having to leave your establishment or your home. To make your shopping experience more enjoyable we have WhatsApp and telephone numbers where our sellers will be happy to help you, if you need it, at each step of your purchase, solving your doubts. On this occasion, we want to share with you what to consider before opening an online store. It is important to define if you want only an online store or it’s a complement from your physical store so you can reach more potential customers. Then, you have to:

1) Join social networks. We recommend that as a complement to your web page you have to consider to be active in various social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. You must evaluate who your potential customers are and depending on that is the social network in which you must be active. It is important to interact with your customers, sharing news, prices, offers, organizing competitions or whatever you want. But, the main point is to stay in touch with them and let them know what’s going on in your store.

 2) Use digital marketing tools  The scope of your store can grow in a few months from local to national. Evaluate the challenges that growth can involve and anticipate them such as having two or more reliable delivery services, list the costs involved in sending to other cities or states, as well as the inventory you must have in order to satisfy the needs of your customers.

  • Responsive site

When opening an online store you have to keep in mind that the site becomes another store. The best thing about this store is that it will be open 24/7. When your site is ready, check that the shopping cart works, make a purchase yourself to verify the operation of payment and delivery methods. If someone wants to buy something at 11 pm and something in the process does not work we will only have abandoned carts and this will not do us any good, the goal is to convert the visits into conversions.

  • Shipping methods

Make agreements with shipping companies or keep two or three options to have a back-up in case something unexpected happens. Place your estimated shipping times on your page and investigate shipping costs to verify that will be convenient for your customers.

  • Clothes catalog

As a website, keep your catalog up to date with actual pictures of your clothes to build trust among your customers. Sometimes happens that companies have different pictures and when the delivery arrives to our home, we are expecting something else and something awful arrives, with terrible quality. You may shop in that store once but never again. So, you have to create credibility and trust with your customers showing the actual pictures from different angles so they will know what to expect.

  • Privacy notice

Remember to share the privacy notice on your site to tell your customers that you need their data for the process of payment and delivery. It is important to mention them that you protect their information and do so, the benefit is that you won´t risk their customers distrust or in the worst case be sued. These are just a few tips to consider before starting an online business. But the main thing is to bring to your customers innovative and new clothes. Just like Matilda by true love does, which is recognized for being a wholesale online fashion in Texas and in United States. With us you will find the quality, the price, the comfort and the security that you will receive only the best for your store. We are committed to you and your growth; we will be your ally to increase sales and profitability of your business.

We look forward to your next visit and share with you our products and services. Remember that if you need a wholesale fashion online in Texas, in the United States or in Latin America, Matilda by true love is your best choice because we bring to your door the best trends, so you can show your great personality any time with the best fashion in the world which you will find in Matilda by true love.