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Winter is here, although we continue loving our spring and summer floral prints it is time to change it for more warm clothes and of course this season what cannot be missed are women fashion jackets in usa starting with coats, trench coat , blazers and other jackets that will allow us to live with style in winter.

One of the women fashion jackets in usa that cannot be missing in our wardrobe are the trench coats. These garments that started as a gangster symbol and ended up becoming a symbol of Hollywood and style so every year they come back to every street and of course there are basic trench coats in their basic colors like beige and black; but also, we love seeing new trends that have striking colors, different textures and original cuts that give us an innovative and feminine touch each year. When talking about trench coats there can be great variety; from those that are midi style, or a little shorter to a trench coat with a blazer style that will help us to live the winter without cold.

The trench coats have great versatility because you can find them in a large number of textures and completely change your outfit. A trench coat goes with anything, so it is always necessary to have one. Also, if you have one in burgundy color or in velvet it will be the feeling of this winter because they are seasonal colors. Coats that have a wide belt at the waist with wider shoulders will always benefit our figure; In addition, when using it with stilettos we can have a more formal outfit.

The jacket you choose for winter will depend a lot on your style, as well as on the occasions when you want to use it since a jacket may be responsible for changing our outfit; it is an essential complement for this season. Quilted jackets are always a great option because they eliminate the cold and are ideal for any day; the color will be the one that defines for what occasion you want it; a black is the basic, but you can adventure for a yellow or red to give more color to winter or even a printed one because this winter will continue the love for the prints.

As we have already mentioned in other posts, the squares will be a sensation this season. The Vicky squares or British squares will be present in blouses, pants and of course in women fashion jackets in usa, dare to use them and give a retro and elegant touch to your outfit.

Oversize coats and jackets continues to be a trend this season; if you want to give more importance to your outfit we recommend you wear a black or gray oversized coat and bet on colors like burgundy in satin so that you can highlight what is underneath the coat; on the other hand, if what you want is that your oversize coat is the protagonist you can contribute by textures such as velvet or flashier colors so that your jacket is the protagonist of your outfit.

The coat will also be present this winter, but you can give it a more casual touch by using it with jeans and tennis during the brunch. Also, the blazer is a must this season (same as every year) and will bring new textures and colors to accompany any outfit and save us from any situation.

The fluffy coat, has become an indispensable garment for the winter, is very versatile, you can wear it with thousands of clothes, tennis, heels, boots … practically with anything you want. The pink fluffy coat has been the favorite of many bloggers and we have found that it does not look bad with various combinations, it is very versatile and you will surely be warm. Although pink has become one of the most popular is not the only color that will look amazing with your winter outfit and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

In Matilda by True Love, we firmly believe that the clothing you wear says a lot about your personality. If you wear clothes with which you feel identified and comfortable, it reflects to other people, empowering you, because you feel good, happy and satisfied with yourself.

Matilda by True Love  is recognized for being a store that sells in retail and wholesale, our mission is to be able to bring the best trends, with the best quality at an affordable price so that you can dress in style. Every woman is unique, so our collection is about highlighting the uniqueness and specialness of each woman. We use eye-catching colors to make them stand out from the rest and what we want the most is that every time you use any of our clothes you feel happy and confident. Our mission is to help you to feel ready to fulfill your dreams looking incredibly good with the clothes that Matilda has designed especially for you.

We invite you to know more about our business, browse the page and you will find photographs of each of our products in the available colors. It includes a description of each product and its price. If you have any questions please contact us at +1 213 7481086 | +1 213 4404076 or write us an email to: We will be very happy to help you to accomplish your dreams wearing the best women fashion jackets in usa!

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