Women fashion jackets in usa: 90’s rock!

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Welcome to Matilda’s official website, we are a company formed by passionate people that love design and fashion; we are recognized for being a store that have women fashion jackets in usa with amazing quality and price.

Fashion is always changing, however, sometimes fashion is cyclical which means that what was trendy twenty years ago and remained forgotten for quite some time returns to the catwalks and street style to give its triumphant return. Occasionally, forgotten garments such as cropped pants (aka mom pants) that were forgotten return with great force, and sometimes garments such as blazers or women fashion jackets in usa that are always present in fashion, only change in texture and prints but continue as a must in its basic versions.

During 2016 we saw how vintage fashion took relevance, the boho chic was a total success and then began prints of the eighties and nineties, reliving the striking colors, hoops, tennis, cropped pants and more. Fashion in the 90’s is characterized by being a time in which people sought individuality through clothing. This decade had as predecessor to the 80’s, where very bright and fluorescent colors stood out. However, in the decade of the 90’s it was about having a more relaxed style combining bright colors with more relaxed clothes and looking for simplicity and originality in each outfit.

Some of the principal clothing of this era is the denim and squared shirts that could not be missing in any closet, as well as a white shirt with blue jeans; a black leather bomber jacket was the perfect outfit. The squares were a must to complete any outfit. In addition, at this time the bomber was a basic that could not miss as well as the high-waist pants that are also present in several fashion houses. If you have more doubts about how this style was, you just have to look for Beverly Hills 90210 and in a second you will have all the desired outfits of that season, I bet everyone at that time envy Kelly’s wardrobe or was in love with Dylan during the series.

During the last months we have seen that the patches, pins, prints have come back to life and are present in any garment, giving it a life of its own. In addition, the beloved accessories of this decade have begun to invade stores little by little and we are sure that the furor is just beginning.

The best part of the patches and pins is its versatility since they allow creating incredible and unique designs and one of the best ways to use them is in women fashion jackets in usa because you can have a basic denim jacket and bring it to life with pins and patches. The bomber with prints, pins or patches will be the best of the season. The advantage of placing just pins is that you can use your denim jackets or any other material in other seasons without any problem.

If you are not sure how the 90’s fashion is back or you want ideas to modify your clothes, we recommend you see the Instagram of some influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Gigi Hadid and of course Matilda by True Love where you will find a great variety of clothes of the new season, as well as suggested outfits, promotions and our latest news.

For Matilda by True Love, fashion is an art because by dressing we can express who we are to the world. In addition, it is a creative process where we look for elements that identify us, making our garments unique. The best part of this trend is that it allows us to create fashion to each one of us, with different pins or patches we can change blouses, dresses, shorts, pants or women fashion jackets in usa making them unique and reflecting our personality to the world. The goal is that everyone can customize their clothes and that they have their own identity.

With the pins and patches we can create a lot of designs because there are some that are retro or updated; for example, the pins or patches of emoji´s. The options are thousands because we can find from songs, musical groups, books characters, beauty and fashion articles and much more so the designs that can be made are thousands and will highlight the personality of each one women.

This trend is quintessentially the search for identity since with each pin and patch you can create fashion, something totally new and unrepeatable because it is what you chose and represents you. Normally this trend is used in women fashion jackets in usa as denim jackets or bomber jackets, and in garments that have resistant material (that do not break when you place the pin or patch) such as pants, blouses or shorts because they give them an original touch. Also, in backpacks or suitcases are ideal to identify them from the others in airports and change the production in series for something special and unique that only represents you.

If you are looking for any garment, or for women fashion jackets in usa, Matilda by True Love is the place you need to go. In our store you will find the clothes that you need to fulfill your dreams and live with the best style. We invite you to visit our store located in the Fashion District at 800 12th St. Suite 116 Los Angeles, CA or visit us in our online store, we will be happy to help you.

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