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The trench coat is a garment that has been in the women’s closet for decades, is timeless, out of fashion and a must in any wardrobe, becoming a favorite women fashion jackets in usa. The raincoat is a garment that is worn on top of all clothing, is used for the outdoors and protected from wind and rain. The classic gabardine is beige, is made of waterproof material, has buttons, lapels, and a belt and reaches the knee.

The first raincoat was invented by Thomas Burberry, who owned a store in England since 1856. Thomas specialized in garments that were used above all clothing. Then, he invented the fabric that is used for trench coats.

The trench coat was used by British officers during the First World War. The raincoats contained compartments for storing weapons, ammunition, or food; but maintaining the British elegance still in the trenches. For this reason, it was given the name of trench coat, since it was used in the trenches, keeping the soldiers warm and dry despite the weather they would face; as well as for its durability in extreme situations such as those experienced by soldiers.

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Raincoats became the classic element of officers’ uniform during World War I and World War II; as well as of the working class that was in the open air in the inclemency of the climate. However, from the decade of the 50’s the gabardine began to invade the world of fashion with emblematic films of that time; and raincoats became to be a synonymous of detectives or gangsters. However, the trench coat became a garment exclusively for older men. The women did not use them and the young men do not identify with this garment, associating it with older men and outside the current style. Thus, the raincoat began to lose relevance in the world of men’s fashion. However, in the 70’s the Beatles revived it and gave it new meaning by making trench coats available to men and women of all ages, popularizing it all over the world.

In addition, celebrities like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the English royalty began to use this garment frequently, turning it into a fashion icon, and not only served to protect against rain and cold, now the trench coats would evolve, adapting to each season and any man or woman who wanted can use it.

The trench coat is not a new trend, although it is characterized by being one of the most wanted in women fashion jackets in usa; every fall thousands of women buy one to shelter themselves with style. However, today the trench coats are no longer just beige, black or gray, although the classic raincoats also continue in our wardrobe and we have them ready for any occasion. However, today we can find these women fashion jackets in any color, highlighting different colors in each season as well as various designs to give a unique and special touch to each woman’s wardrobe.

The raincoats have evolved so we can find them with liners, feathers or quilts that allow withstanding the low temperatures with style. Also, we can find them with classic cuts or some new cuts that are more innovative and bold styles like tailored trench, flight or shorter.

The raincoats have become the fashion women jackets in usa for excellence and each year reappear with new styles, embracing the new trends that we fall in love every year.

During this season the trench coats that will be a success will be the classic colors of beige, black or gray. Using any of them will always be a good choice. However, for this season we recommend you go for a trench coat with Vicky squares or British squares; his trend will be present throughout the fall and winter and will be anywhere (skirts, blouses, pants, bombers and of course trench coats). Another option, is to choose something more risky is go for a trench coat of suede, velvet or satin to use the newer textures. On the other hand, the metallic colors will be the sensation during this season.

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