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How to use colors on clothing?

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Colors have aroused the curiosity of researchers because they are present in our daily life; from food, colors of our house, most popular brands and our way of dressing. Each color we use in our garments, provoke different emotions in people with whom we have contact daily, and unknowingly the colors we use in our garments can facilitate or delay our goals. In Matilda by true love, colors are very important, because we always are looking for the trendy ones, as well as different outfits, considering combinations and various occasions where you can use women jackets in USA. Each color produces an emotion which causes people to have different perceptions. Normally, most people perceive colors as follows:


Think about red, what is the first thing that comes to mind? …

Red represents passion, aggressiveness, power and danger. Surely you thought at least in one of these options. Bright red, stimulates the heart rhythm, and can cause people to make emotional decisions. If you attend dressed in red to some negotiation can be counterproductive because it can negatively influence the people with whom you want to negotiate. As well as red, each color has subconscious emotions that awaken different emotions or perceptions in people. Black, is one of the favorite colors in clothes for women. It is elegant and people look thinner with this color. Also, it is related to power, elegance, and drama. This season we will be able to see totally black outfits with transparencies in tulle or lace to give even more drama. If you go to a work interview, you shouldn’t take a total black outfit, because it seems that you love drama and power. If you want to wear black, you can do it but pick the skirt, or pants or blouse and use white or gray to equilibrate it.

The white color, inspires purity and cleanliness. It is a color that you can use any season of the year and will be excellent. Use it on the beach, because it is a cool color. This season with an off-shoulder, jeans and sandals. You can also attend job interviews with gray Oxford pants and a white blouse because it also awakens creativity. Blue denotes loyalty and confidence. Sellers use it a lot and it is advisable to use it in job interviews, because your interlocutor feels safe and make you look trustable. If you think about some of the biggest brands in the world, you will notice that they have that color, some of them have the best sales reports in the world. The brown and beige colors, inspire stability and credibility. Brown can create a neutral environment. If you are going to discuss a sensitive issue, choose brown to calm people, reduce stress, and promote communication between them.

Gray is neutral and sophisticated. It is one of the most popular colors for job interviews since it denotes authority but does not convey drama like black. Take care the tonality and how much gray you use since you can go from being sophisticated to being associated with depression and elderly. If you want to use clear gray, make sure it has embroidery, or with accessories that stand out, so you won´t transmit the negative part of the color. The orange, like red, stimulates emotions, transmits energy and vitality but without the aggressiveness like red. Orange is associated with the autumn harvest and comforts people.

Yellow, conveys joy, hope, caution and jealousy. Yellow is recommended to use in some details when dealing with work situations. On the other hand, if you are going to a party or the beach we recommend it a lot. Green represents success, health and safety, also its commonly associated with nature. When someone use this color, people around her/him relaxes. Bright pink is perceived as fun and excitement, however when using a pale pink, communicates relaxation and lack of energy. That’s why we always recommend, before leaving home think of the activities you will perform to evaluate which color you should use.

In Matilda by true love, we recommend using bright with sober colors to achieve balance. For example, women jackets in USA in gray Oxford, a cold shoulder white tee and gray pants with heels for work situations. If you are going to an evening event use a red or black dress with glitter or transparencies. Remember, if you know how to use colors you can transmit the emotions you want and take advantage of each situation in which you are. Each color can help you to achieve your goals. In Matilda by true love, you can find the best women jackets in USA, with the colors that you prefer, besides being able to complement them with accessories. We have garments in a variety of colors so you can use it depending on the occasion and transmit security and confidence in yourself wherever you go. With Matilda by true love, you can always expect the hottest, newest trends, inspired from all over the world to create outfits that will inspire a confident, trendy woman!